Dear guest,
On this site you will find photo and film material of the 2004 paragliding expedition to the K2 region in Pakistan. We also collected material that was published mainly in the Dutch, but also the international media and published that on this site. We are very happy with the response on this unique trip. One of the aims of this expedition is to let the flying society but also the non-flying society enjoy our flying experiences. We sometimes find it very difficult to capture our emotions in words, so we are looking for ways to communicate these feelings even better through photos and videos. We hope you enjoy our effort to bring these unique experiences closer to everybody who is interested. If you have any suggestions to raise our quality of presentation, please do not hesitate to tell us.

To give you more flying information through this site we try to update it with photo and video material of our present expedition which started on the 20^th of May and will end on the 15^th of July of this year. Working together with our partner CompeGPS from Spain we also try to publish GPS track logs of our Worlds Highest Altitude record attempts.

We hope you appreciate our effort to bring Pakistan and its flying possibilities closer to you. Via this way we also like to thank the Pakistan Free Flying Association, especially Mr. Sajjad Shah of COX & KINGS and Mr. Faisal, for their kind and very helpful support. Mr. Sajjad Shah is the founder and representer of the PAFF, the Pakistan Association of Free Flying.
Imshallah; with god-speed!

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