The team
Leroy Westerkamp
Expedition Leader
Marina Olexina
From Russia with Love

Leroy Westercamp

Expedition Leader

When was your first flight?
Where did you make your first flight?
Scuol, Switzerland
When did you participate in your first competition?
Did you ever flown for a national team?
Yes, since 1999
Longest Flight ever (distance and time)?
94km, 6h 25m , Austria
Hightest flight(altitude and place)?
6400 m, Karimabad and Skardu, Pakistan
Other personal best achievements?
Making friends all over the world in different sports as freestyle skiing, tennis snowboard and paragliding
Motivation to come to Pakistan on this expedition in a team.
To enjoy each others enthusiasm in exploring a new country by paragliders in a beautiful scenery. To challenge our mental and physical boundary’s in combination with the possibilities of our paragliders.
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