The facts The K2 mountain

The Savage Mountain

Elevation: 8,611 m
Loc: 3553'N, 7631'E
1st ascent: 31.07.54
by Lacedelli

The Expedition

Expedition Overview

Towards the end of April 2006 an international team of paraglider pilots and their support team will leave Europe for Skardu in the Baltistan region of Karakorum (Pakistan) to start what will surely be an adventure, the likes of which has never been seen before.

FLY K2 is unique, and will always be known as the first of a kind.

Their ultimate destination will be the Baltaro valley which hosts several of the world's most famous high mountain peaks including Trango Towers, Gasherbrum range, Broad Peak and K2.

Their goals are two-fold, to fly several of the world's highest mountains without setting foot on them, and to set new altitude records for unpowered flight, by paraglider. Their only means of propulsion will be the sun's thermal energy and the dynamic winds it creates.

This will be the first time that anyone has ever used the forces of nature to climb from a launch site at 3,800m to an ultimate height of over 8,000 metres above the world's most majestic and respected mountains.

Flying at high altitude

Between May and August home for the expedition will be their base camp, set in a wide, lush valley some 14kms from the mountain. Here the team of paraglider pilots, support mountaineers and base camp support staff will prepare for the flight and wait for the "weather-window" that will hasten them to their eventual success. There will also be ample opportunities for the pilots to fly and document many of the outlying valleys and communities and enjoy the spectacular surroundings which includes probably the most breathtaking scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

The challenge is huge, the environment, and the aptly nick-named "Savage Mountain" itself, will throw up a host of potential barriers to the ultimate success of the expedition, however the team is probably the strongest ever put together and every member is as determined as they are capable. As an expedition, it is out of the ordinary and captures the emotions of exploration, escape, and adventure. FLY K2 is unique, and will always be known as the first of a kind.

You can download a pdf file containing more detailed information about the expedition and sponsorship opportunities
FLY K2 Paragliding expedition 2006 (PDF - 495 Kb)

You can also
or you can contact the expedition leader Leroy Westerkamp

Flying for Pakistan

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